Furry Fandom

Jon was an active participant in the furry fandom, and a frequent convention attendee.  Some of the cons he attended multiple times included:

  • Further Confusion
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta
  • Anthrocon
  • Mephit Furmeet
  • Midwest Furfest

He also attended Megaplex and Furry Connection North a few times as well, and also appeared in the Ocean City Doodah Parade for many years.

Jon staffed the fursuit track at Mephit Furmeet during the early-to-mid 2000’s. He also started an annual event for DC area furs:  a picnic at Glen Echo Park, which ran for many years with significant assistance from others.

As Jon’s health declined, it was difficult for him to get out as much as he would like, so he often started large group chats on Skype. Occasionally he would invite in someone new who I never heard of, but I got to know people in the UK and Australia that way!

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